Climate and Statistics

Hurricanes that have been hitting U.S. hard this past week is really starting to get me worried. In the past few years I heard about statistical background of climate change, such as rising temperature during the summers. But then I started to hear things like 'Global warming is not a thing--the temperature rise is a natural phenomenon, not a causal event'. When Donald Trump got elected, my advisor in Applied Mathematics Department who leads climate research seemed very upset. But even then, I wanted to believe that we humans only had little to do with climate, and statistics and data can't 100% be sure of anything. 

But CAN statistics and data ever prove strongly enough to convince everybody that human activities actually DO affect climate? Unlike math, statistics can't ever prove a point--it can only give us how confident we can be. I wonder in what way can we communicate a statistical point to convince everyone (policy makers, especially). Before the movie The Day After Tomorrow actually happens, awareness to the extreme weather must be delivered to even those who don't believe in statistics.