Effective Recruitment

Today was Student Activities Fair, so I helped table for Musical Mentors Collaborative where I volunteered during my time in undergraduate studies. I tabled for one and a half hour, and I roughly talked to 50 people, and about 30 people signed up for our mailing list.

Saying the same thing over and over again was tiring, especially since I knew that of the 100+ people who signed up today only about 20-30 people will send an application and around 10 people will actually be engaged next year. Now that I have been recruiting for the past four years, I was wondering if there could be a less exhaustive way the board members could choose new members. We have enough data of new member's application from the past, and also observation of who stuck with our organization for a long time. Would quantifying correlation between features of a new members' application (which includes instrument, years of music teaching experience, major, and class) and their future dedication? If we figure this out, we will be able to discern more committed candidates.