Thoughts On Today's Lecture

In the Communicating Data and Statistics class, we discussed how to teach statistics effectively, especially focusing on how to make it interesting and engaging. There were a lot of interesting ideas on this matter, one of them a case study done on a group of students. The bottom line of the case study was that while students assumed themselves that they would rather prefer doing nothing than to studying hard, they actually enjoyed studying when they had to. This result resonated strongly with me, because I could totally think of times that I dreaded to study but felt very good after I had done it. 

Although most of the lecture today was spent talking about how to make classes "fun," I didn't honestly feel relevant because I think it is almost impossible to make an analysis class or any pure math-like classes--which composes most of my coursework--"fun". After certain level, it becomes the student's whole responsibility to engage themselves in class, whether it is motivated by grade or personal achievement.