Data Science Hype

It was interesting to hear from Kaiser Fung today that he gives talks about how data science doesn't always promise effective profit-making practice. (I also found it humorous that his major audience was people who were making a living by doing data science.) At first his claims came off quite radical, as someone who sees a very tempting advertisement on Facebook newsfeed every once in a while. However, when I reflected how much I had to clean up a messy .db file yesterday for homework, I thought maybe data science is a little hyped up. Words like "big data" have been grabbing people's attention lately, and data scientist has been labeled a "sexy" job. While having a lot of data could mean potential discovery that are meaningful, a lot of times data science gives an answer without really telling me how things work (like neural network, sometimes the output comes out from the input through "black box" and somehow they are the most optimizing results.) It was bold that Kaiser made those remarks to such an audience, but I think he had a good point.