What Makes a Data Geek?

It is clear that data scientist is one of the fastest growing careers these days. During my career search recently, I saw countless job listings hiring data-related experts: data scientist, data analysts, and data engineers. Most job descriptions had the requirement of this sort: "you are a data geek". This made me think, 'What exactly is a data geek? Are those people who actually get excited when they see a huge table of messy numbers and uncategorized columns?' To be honest, I rather get frustrated than excited when I see a big, messy data frame, which made me feel like I'm not "data-geek" enough to apply for data science jobs.

Fortunately, I reached an alternative conclusion while doing homework today. For data plotting assignment, I wanted to use data that I owned and recorded myself, which is the calorie intake and weight data I tracked this summer with an app. I sent the db file from the app to my computer and worked on a big, messy table on R. The whole process of loading and manipulating the numbers I recorded in the past months evoked a new kind of thrill in me--the data I recorded felt so precious, and I felt really proud for diligently keeping track of calories and weight. It was a moment that I felt like a true data geek, someone who appreciates and commits to observation with a specific purpose in mind.