How Lucky Am I?

There was a sentence that struck to me in my Stochastic Processes textbook: the probability that every toss of coin results in head is ZERO (in an infinite sequence). Not small, but ZERO. In other words, there is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT chance of getting at least one tail. I thought it was quite beautiful, feeling a little optimistic about the prospect of life today. I have been stressed lately for job applications and recruitments lately, but that line from a statistics textbook suggested that there is ZERO chance that I get rejected by every single job, as long as I keep (infinitely) applying for jobs. Also, there is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT guarantee that I will get a job! I find this statement about coin toss very applicable in a lot of aspects of our lives—a lot of time when I feel anxious and get worried if I will fail at everything, I can just remind myself, that there is a guarantee that at least one good thing will happen if I just keep trying. I find comfort in this realization.