Observing Brain Signals

Today was the first time in my life I recorded my brain signals. In the Brain Computer Interface class, I wore an EEG mask and recorded brain signals from 8 electrode channels while I was doing the following tasks: blinking, rolling eyes, tensing neck, clenching jaws, and closing eyes, MATLAB visually simulated the brain signals, and as I did each tasks we observed what was going on. 

To be honest, statistics had been one of my least favorite subjects because it was messy and just too complicated with millions of formulas of similar things. But as I observed my brain signals (it was literally an observation, looking at the computer screen. No fancy MATLAB coding to analyze the signals...yet), I realized that I was doing what statistics usually do--interpreting data. I observed significant drops, patterns, noise, truncation, amplification, and so on. My brain (observing my brain signal) was making the analysis that would take a number of statistical methods in a mere few seconds! Realizing this, statistics somehow felt less intimidating--it's just an effort to do the same thing that my brain does, but for a bigger dataset (that may be too big for my brains to interpret by looking) with more dimensions.