Haste makes waste?

Statistically, does haste really make waste? I can be really hasty, and statistically, I would say out of 10 incidents I’ve been hasty about 4 times resulted in waste. For example, when I barely made it to the downtown train at 125th station, I realized that I carelessly got on the A train, not the D train I needed to get on. One may argue that there’s 40% of chance of wasting your time when you’re hasty. 

However, when I got off at the next station—which I have never been to because I never took A train before—I realized that D train was running at the same platform. This opens up so much new traveling itinerary for me, and I wouldn’t have had figured out if I wasn’t hurrying. I guess my point is, while it might seem ‘haste make waste’ is statistically significant, there’s always more beyond the numbers.