Words of Wisdom from Thomas Basbøll

The guest star for my Communicating Data & Statistics class was a writing consultant/coach, Thomas Basbøll. His tips were about writing, but they seem to be applicable to many areas of my life, too. 

Following are few of his advices that resonated strongly with me:

1. Practice writing everyday. Practice writing a sentence of main message and a paragraph magnified from that sentence.

2. Your intended audience must be individuals of equal intellect. Also, knowing your audience = knowing how to write.

3. Be open to criticism and make your knowledge vulnerable. It's the only way to make progress.

These advices are all very valuable in communicating statistics and data, but also in general interactions with other people: In any relationship, it is always critical to understand who you are talking to, and be honest and genuine in what you are delivering. By far, this guest lecture was something that struck me hardest.