Yearbook Bingo

I finally received my undergraduate yearbook from my boyfriend today. In each page were 20 portraits of students in 5x4 grid. My boyfriend and I decided to play a bingo--we win when we find a row of column of of people that we know. Surprisingly, our score was just..1! Out of around 1500 students, we could only find one row of our friends. I would like to believe that both of us are social people (so hopefully the low bingo score isn't because we don't have many friends to begin with), and we were able to spot 3~10 people per page. But then I realized that the probability of scoring a bingo is not quite easy--if me and my boyfriend know 200 people in total, than we know around 13 percent of the whole class. A row or column 20-25 percent of a page, so with our statistics it is quite hard to bingo. This yearbook bingo game made us feel like we didn't make as many friends as we should have. :(