While Eating Cake

Today I ordered two pieces of cake from Kitchenette Uptown through seamless. I chose a coconut cake and gluten-free apple loaf cake, because they were on their "popular" menu. Few minutes after I submitted my order from the app, I got a call saying both of the items were unavailable. I got coconut pie and lemon lemon meringue pie after all (which were heavenly). 

I've been their regular customer ever since I moved into my current apartment 4 months ago. Today's happening made me think about what "popular" means--in terms of statistics, isn't it expectation? Expectation of your happiness = popularity of the menu. But then expectation does not tell the true value, as I ended up having to go through hassle after my original choice was sold out. I hope I get to eat coconut cake and apple loaf cake later this week.