Teaching Tip

Having worked as a TA for three years, I always try to bring myself back into memory when I was first studying pre-calculus, ODE, etc. when I teach. I try to remember which part I was confused, and what kind of misinterpretation had been critical in understanding math. When I was conscious about this matter, teaching was much effective--my students would not have to repeat the mistake I've made, or struggle through years because of a concept mis-learned. Studying for Stochastic Processes exam tomorrow made me think about this, because as I go through my notes I realized that Professor really tried to clear things that can be easily mistaken. For example, "filtration" in statistics is not quite like coffee filters. Intuitively, filtering seems to suggest something is getting smaller, but in statistics, it is quite the opposite--it ACCUMULATES information! I appreciate that our Professor cleared up these possibly misleading names of concepts.