Halo Top Statistic

I am a HUGE fan of Halo Top ice cream, not just because they're significantly lower in calories than Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs, but also because they're SO DELICIOUS with just the right amount of sweetness. Halo Top was only around for a few years (founded in 2012), and this summer it became the best-selling ice cream in America. Its sales grew 2500% last year, and surpassed all of its ice cream competitors. When I first read that article, I was shocked to read something like "sales rocketed by 2500%". It's a statistic that I never came across before. This MUST mean something significant--are we welcoming the new era of ice cream? Halo Top definitely has dominated our refrigerator, which currently has 7 different pints to push me and my roommates through the midterm season.